Making Cannabis Personal

Making Cannabis Personal: Take the Guesswork Out of Your Cannabis & CBD Experience by Tailoring it To Your DNA

In Making Cannabis Personal You Will Learn How Genetics Interact with Cannabinoids to Create Truly Unique Experiences.
Len May’s interest in cannabis began as a teenager, and it has only grown since. Growing up, many thought cannabis use was wrong basing their beliefs on moral or political ideas. Even today there are people who do not accept that cannabis has medicinal use. Such thinking underestimates the true benefits of this ancient medicine.

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About the Author

Len May is CEO and Co-Founder of EndoCanna Health, and held past positions as President of the CannabisAction Network and Board Member/Lifetime Member of the California Cannabis Association. Len currently serves as chair of the CBDIA science board, and is a stakeholder in some of the industry’s most iconic cannabis-based brands. His expertise includes the workings of the endocannabinoid system and how genetic expression plays a role in human experiences. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist in Medicinal Genomics, Len has an in-depth knowledge of genomics, cannabinoids and terpenes, and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system. Len May lives in Los Angeles, CA.

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Making Cannabis Personal is meant to educate people on how cannabis is helping the human species find wellness and remove the fear and stigmas still associated with it, such as “only criminals and addicts use cannabis”. The truth is cannabis is therapeutic and beneficial to a great number of people, and has a variety of benefits and uses. That’s what this book is about!

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Author Len May on Making Cannabis Personal: The Book


“Outside my role as a journalist in the Cannabis industry, I am also a cannabis patient. And my Endo DNA test results were spot-on with what I have learned through experience. In fact, the only regret that I have is that I didn’t take the test sooner.

“The data and robust research that they provide absolutely blew my mind. Believe me. If you’re thinking about getting your DNA results from Indo DNA don’t delay you will be absolutely astonished at what you can learn with your personalized guidebook to the endocannabinoid system.”

Kristina Etter
Editorial Content Director and owner, CannabisTech, Freelance Cannabis Content Writer

“Not only was the information super interesting and valuable as far as how my personal DNA and genetics interact with THC and CBD, and how to optimize my experience cannabis, but it gave me great insight into the terpene profiles that best fit my genetic makeup.”

Eben Britton
Former American football offensive tackle and Athlete Ambassador for Athletes For Care.

“I was really blown away by yesterday’s session it kinda blew my mind as it was not only fascinating but so accurate.

“As a long term epilepsy sufferer who explored cannabis through trial and error, working with EndoDNA was not only a fascinating process, but an incredibly helpful one… to better understand my constitution and what works well for me as a result.”

Chelsea Leland
International DJ, cannabis advocate, and model.

“After one inhalation I found myself literally convulsing on my kitchen floor for over 10 minutes. Needless to say I was scared to death to try it again. That was when I researched and found my friends at Endocanna Health.”

“I am blown away at the accuracy and cutting-edge science that has gone into their testing.”

Pauline Koinis
Somatic Healer, Cancer Survivor, and cannabis advocate.

“They do an exceptional job… breaking down my cannabinoid profile to where it really tells me how I consume or internalized CBD in cannabis. A lot of insight into who I am and how I can treat my body holistically.”

Robert Griffith
Former American football safety and CBD user

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